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Welcome to Dual Boot Guru.com

This site was created for everyone out there who wants to make the most of Apple Boot Camp.

The news that Apple is supporting Microsoft Windows XP on all of its Intel based Macs came as a surprise to the Macintosh world. This news was especially exciting to Mac video gamers. Until the release of Apple Boot Camp, which allows Mac users to run Microsoft Windows XP natively on its Intel Core Duo processor, only a select few games were available to Apple users. Now, any game that runs on PCs will run also on a Mac using Boot Camp because Intel-based Macs can dual boot Windows XP and OSX. In fact, now there are only a select few games (mostly old games from pre-1998) that will not run or will not run correctly.

Boot Camp also allows Apple computers to run ANY program that will run on a PC. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and many, many other programs are now able to run on a dual booting Mac.

Any sane computer user should that Apple's Boot Camp software is a blessing to everyone who ever wanted to run Windows programs, especially longtime Mac gamers.

To the left are a series of links that provide information about Boot Camp that Apple has not released. Apple chooses not to offer much support for Boot Camp at this time. Because Boot Camp dual boots, Apple probably does not want to deal with Windows XP errors associated with the dual booting.

To begin, check that your Intel-based Mac meets the requirements and install Boot Camp. Before installation, you will need to acquire a Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD either by buying one or by slipstreaming a Windows XP non-SP2 CD. Before installation, you will also want to choose to format your hard drive either with NTFS or FAT32. You may also want to consider the option of booting Windows XP from an external hard drive to save space on your internal hard drive. You are now read to install Boot Camp Assistant and Windows XP.

Once you install Apple Boot Camp, check out the recommended Windows XP settings and programs. This will help you get up and running with anti-virus software, web browsers, driver updates, etc. Next, you will want to check out the Windows hints, tips, and workarounds which will help you solve some minor issues and bugs that still exist in Windows XP on your Mac.

Lastly, you videogamers out there will want to check out the video games compatibility list. This list includes games that have been confirmed to work. Some games run at the 16:10 ratio that is native to Mac monitors (either 1440x900 or 1680x1050). If you feel that your videogames are running too slowly, be sure to check out how to overclock your graphics card for gaming. This has worked extremely well for many gamers.

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